Greetings Flow(ers),

Refined sugar, saturated fats, processed foods, caffeine, alcohol, artificial sweeteners and preservatives.  My diet was loaded with them. No wonder I was sluggish, irritable, gaining weight and suffering from migraine. Last Fall I removed most of these things from my diet and was delighted with the results. I had more energy, my yoga practice was evolving, and according to my doctor, my blood pressure and weight both went down. Oh and those migraines – they vanished!

This Fall, I decided to try a detox in conjunction with Flow Yoga’s 25 day challenge. Since it was my first attempt at detoxing, I chose to detox during the day by enjoying a green juice/smoothie for breakfast, soup and/or salad for lunch followed by a regular, healthy dinner.

Here’s what I learned:

– Don’t let the color fool you – green smoothies are surprisingly good. The trick is finding the ingredients you like so that you will want to drink it! Even though my 7 day detox officially ended two weeks ago, I still have – and look forward to – my green smoothie each morning.

– Try a handful of kale in your morning smoothie – not only is it packed with nutrients, it’s delicious.

– Getting up just a half an hour earlier will allow you time to stretch, make a green smoothie or juice, and pack a healthy lunch.

– Don’t wait until you are hungry to think about what you will eat.  A little planning will help you make healthier choices and save money.

– Schedule yoga – or whatever exercise you enjoy – just like you would schedule a doctor appointment.  Put it on the calendar.

– Eating out is more expensive than buying healthy, organic foods.

– We all need fat in our diets. Olive oil and avocado are good fats esp. on a salad! Raw foods are better for our digestive systems than fiber. Who knew??

– Having a beverage with a meal actually hinders digestion.

– Don’t be so hard on yourself.  If you slip up, no big deal. Just begin again and focus on your accomplishments.

– It is much easier to fold, twist and bind in yoga class when your body is not full of processed foods.

– Frozen coconut milk – SO delicious! 

Congratulations to my fellow detoxees/challengers for a job well done! Here’s to healthy living!


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