Seven years ago my life transformed. I found a home at Flow Yoga in Leesburg and was introduced to the finest group of teachers, who shared their passion for yoga with me. Now, I have one of the best jobs in the world as a Level 1 Yoga teacher. Creating peace and calm for others is the best gift I could ever give, and I’m ready to expand my knowledge of this ancient practice and reach more people.

I’m ready to complete my 200-hour Yoga teacher training!

In April, I will be travelling to Nairobi, Kenya to complete my 200-hour certification with the nonprofit African Yoga Project (AYP) – a project co-founded by Baron Baptiste.

Along with my own training, I will help train Kenyan’s to become Yoga teachers and teach at local schools, orphanages, and prisons. I will then travel on my own to start Yoga programs at schools in Tanzania and Rwanda.

But before I go, I have committed to fundraise $4,000 for AYP before March 31st. The $4,000 is in addition to my program costs, flights and service, and goes directly to fund AYP programs in East Africa. These programs include training and employing Kenyan teachers, empowering youth through education, and funding yoga classes for over 5,000 Kenyans weekly!

Donations of $25 = a yoga class for 25 children once a week in Nairobi’s informal settings. $50 = a weekly healthy meal program for a yoga class of 25 children. $125 = monthly salary of one of AYP Yoga teachers.

Why is Yoga Important to us in Northern Virginia?

I grew up in NOVA, Bluemont, Virginia to be exact, and in our counties there is an unhealthy population.  According to a recent report by the Northern Virginia Health Foundation, 42,000 youth, or 26.5 % of the states population, ages 14 to 19 are at risk of depression. Out of a total of 2.3 million adults in Northern Virginian counties, 1 million people are estimated to be overweight or obese.

Can You Relate? I Can:

As someone who used to be part of this statistic, I now want to be a catalyst for change and support others in my community to give them the tools they can use to create better lives — globally and at home.

As a child I suffered with anxiety and panic attacks. After seeing multiple doctors, with no explanation, I was finally diagnosed with “Anxiety Disorder.” At 8 years old, I was told that I would never function without medication.

At a time when I was supposed to be carefree and learning through play, I was overwhelmed with fear and worry. I withdrew from my peers, fell behind in school, gained weight and was bullied everyday. I struggled to live.

As a teenager, sports became my outlet to calm my anxieties, but I still suffered from episodes of extreme panic and worry. It wasn’t until I found Yoga at Flow at the age of 20, that I truly discovered what it meant to just be. Connected, mindful, aware, present, and content.  I found calm, without medication.

How You Can Help:

By supporting the work of AYP through my funding page, you are helping to transform lives around the world! Please also share @winedownyoga with #yogatransforms.

AND because I would love to bring a fun and groovey donation-based class to Flow, where my journey began (and perhaps yours too?), please submit your interest to or contact me at

To get ideas on donation-based class possibilities we could bring to Flow, visit here.

Thank you Flow Yoga for transforming my life, now together we can transform the world!

Peace, love and Namaste,

Meredith Walsh

Click here to donate to AYP

To learn more about the African Yoga Project, visit their website here:





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