By Megan Cartier

In the eight plus years I’ve owned Flow Yoga, it’s hard to remember a time when we’ve had so much momentum and excitement. Not only are we building a brand new studio in Ashburn, we are also adding new classes to our Leesburg location, like Yoga Sculpt. It’s a “fusion” practice that combines the strength and endurance of resistance training, with the mind and body benefits of yoga. During the class, you may use body bars, free weights, your own body weight or all of the above to help tone, strengthen and shape the muscles. And- there are still the updogs, down dogs and savasanas we all love.

To lead this new offering, we have April Rodriguez.
She is both a certified fitness instructor and a recent graduate of Flow’s teacher training program. The perfect skill set to lead this class if you ask me! To read the full class description of Yoga Sculpt, please click here.

Why do I love Yoga Sculpt so much? Like most of us, I have a busy schedule, and it can be difficult to find the time to get in all the types of physical fitness activities I love – walking, weight training and, of course, yoga. When I take a class like Yoga Sculpt, I feel stronger, but at the same time, there’s still that blissful, introspective mindset that I love so much about yoga. All of these great benefits: all in one hour.

Every day, in our family, we have a saying: “It’s going to be a Look-Out-World Day,” and with the confidence and hardiness Yoga Sculpt inspires, I’m not just saying that, I’m feeling it!

I hope you all enjoy the class as much as I do.


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