While it’s a little bit different for everyone, spending 90 minutes practicing yoga with amazing, calming animals is just plain good for your soul.

That’s why I love being part of Loudoun Goat Yoga with Shasta Donegan, who owns the farm and goats. We make an amazing team and are so excited to share this special practice: 90 minutes during which you can forget about politics, work, and daily stresses to enjoy animal assisted therapy in a natural setting.

I love teaching goat yoga classes because I love animals; they make me super happy. They remind me how beautiful life is and that simple moments can fill us with so much joy. One of my favorite things about co-starting Loudoun Goat Yoga is the smiles I see on our students faces. The animals help them shed all the baggage and stress they have been carrying as soon as they roll out their mat.

We also have a mini horse, Morgan, who watches the class on the other side of the fence. Yoga and animals seem to fit together nicely. The class is super gentle and great for all experience levels. It’s very relaxed and laid back. If you want to just sit down and pet the goats, you are encouraged to follow your heart. There is no right or wrong.  We just want our students to show up and have the most amazing experience.

Shasta bottle raised a lot of these goats herself and most are rescues, so she strives to ensure they lead the best lives possible while sharing that sense of calm that makes them so special. We do not train the goats to interact with you. We just let them be goats; they can come and go as they please. Each of the goats here on the farm have their own vastly unique personality, but all of them enjoy meeting new people as much as people enjoy meeting them. There are many animals here on the farm, the majority are rescues and we look forward to sharing their stories with you.

— Susan Greene

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