“You are already here.”

                                 – Billy Koch

Written by Suzy Powell

Time, it goes by so swiftly. I always feel that I never have enough of it. Where can I buy more?  I am often running from place to place. One task to the other.  Putting on one hat, then another. Feeling exhausted. Distracted. Breathless.

In deep stretch class one evening we were all moving from side-to-side in skandasana. Left, right. Left, right. Faster and faster. My teacher began to notice this and asked: “Why do you hurry?  You are already here.” Exactly!

I am so programmed to be in a hurry that I rush even when it isn’t necessary. Even on my mat. I blow through namaskars as if they are something to be checked off my to do list. Moving at the speed of my mind instead of the speed of my breath. Missing the whole point of the practice.

My family and I recently spent a week on the beach in Cape Hatteras, NC.  It took a little while for me to relax. Let go. Leave the to do list behind. And a few times I could feel myself tensing up, hurrying when there was really no agenda.

When we packed up to return home I turned to my son and said “Ok. You are my guide. Anytime, any place you would like to stop, just say the word.” He turned to me with a look of surprise and said “Aren’t we in a hurry?”  No, we are not; we are already here.

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