A good friend and former AOL colleague of mine, Tim Carr, and I were chatting many years ago after we had both moved away from Northern Virginia about what constitutes home. Is it the place you live now?  Where you grew up? At the time, Tim shared his thoughts that you know you are home when you land at an airport and have a feeling of coming home. I can relate. When I recently traveled from Asheville to Washington Dulles and saw the iconic air traffic control tower, I definitely had a sense of being “home”.

That feeling continued over the course of my visit. When I arrived at my parents’ house, my Mom and Dad were working side-by-side to make dinner. Smells of garlic and fresh basil wafted through the kitchen as my folks invited me to sit at the counter and relax. It’s hard to describe the feeling of “home” — a beautiful combination of comfort, love and support. The next morning as I got up to go to Flow, my Dad smiled and let me know he had just made me a fresh pot of coffee.  My Mom offered to make me breakfast and cut up some fruit to enjoy after yoga class.

The comforts of home continued with my Mom taking over the iron to help me as I went to press a shirt to wear for lunch with Flowgis Gloria and Darcy; sharing happiness in the good things happening in each other’s lives; offering to wrap up a slice of homemade chocolate cake for my husband … and exchanging loads of hugs.

I showed up at Flow with an open heart and a smile on my face. At the same time, I was thinking through some current challenges in my life and letting those thoughts swirl through me. My longtime friend Chris Riley began leading myself and others through a wonderful class. Everyone in class was inhaling, exhaling, and OMing together.  There’s something about the loft space in Market Station that always makes me feel happy, content, and peaceful.

Chris cued us to move into pigeon and must have noticed the tension in my shoulders. What was I holding onto while in my happy place?! He came over and offered me a hands-on assist while encouraging all the students with a simple instruction: “Just let go. It’s OK.”  And then I felt tears well up in my eyes. I had an overwhelming feeling of coming home.  A safe space to let go and let be.

You know it when you feel it. Whether it’s an airport tarmac; the kitchen of your childhood home; a yoga studio that embraces you with an energetic hug … or any place else. Celebrate those places, because they are special. Then settle in and let go. It’s OK.

— Megan Cartier

Photo: Olivia McLaughlin


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