Practicing at Flow Ashburn – Go Jay Go!

By Jay Clement

I’m over 210 days into the 365 day journey and I’ve had some challenging few weeks with practice recently. It might come as a surprise that this did not happen while I was crammed with work or consumed with other restricting duties, the challenge came while I was on vacation. Sad, I know, but finding the time in between entertaining family, traveling, and trying to be a part of all the activities, was harder than I thought.

Normally practice might happen very early in the morning, at an early class, or sometimes a bit later for a home afternoon practice. I prefer the first two. While traveling, I did not have a dedicated space or timeframe to work with. At first thought, I imagined that this would be great. I can practice anytime I want and wherever I want. I had plans of waking at 5am while at the lake and going to practice on the beach. This, did not happen. Practice happened near a brook (ok, it’s a small drainage canal) while visiting my mom in her backyard…it happened on the floor of our hotel room later at night after the kids fell asleep. The winner for the most idyllic location happened in the middle of a lake while on a paddle board (much harder than you think it might be!)

After experiencing doing yoga at these different places and then coming home, it gives new meaning to the places that I regularly practice at. These are spaces that are consistent and familiar, and they do not force me to be ultra creative on how and where to practice. The environment is, for the most part, the same each class, which allows the time and energy to focus on the practice itself. So while I won’t shy away from traveling and practicing in other places, doing so gives opportunity for a new and refreshed appreciation for where I currently practice.

Thanks for reading – keep practicing.

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