14 days into the New Year and how are all of your resolutions going? Great, we hope. 

This month we heard about an extraordinary new one, and a member of our own community is taking it on.

To practice yoga every single day of 2014 – that’s right – all 365 days of them.

 A New Year’s resolution that is not to be? Too big of a bite to chew? 

 Not for this yogi – this yogi knows about challenge, overcoming obstacles and meeting a good opportunity square in the eye. His name is Jason Clement. Yes, our lovely Coleen’s husband (better half maybe) but for now – husband 😉

Jay has been a regular practitioner at Flow since 2009. We’ve seen him take his dream of pizza and a mobile oven beyond dreamland, have 2 beautiful children and continue to maintain all of his lofty goals. Just ask him and Coleen about all the other “peaks” they plan to climb this year!

So when Jay let me know last week that he was going to practice yoga 365 this year – I was not surprised – I was pleased. Jay’s practice took a backseat to family, work and life over the last few years. That’s something a lot of us can probably relate to. And as  many of us also know; the only way to stay balanced is to recommit and carve out that precious time for yourself on the mat. 

I asked Jay to post here monthly on the Flow Blog so we, as a community, can share in his experience and understand what it takes to make this commitment to the self. And I can’t wait to hear about all of it. 

A lofty goal…? I don’t think so: not for Jay. 

 Are you ready to #yogaeverydamnday? I am – let’s go Jay!

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