200 Hour Summer Intensive Teacher Training

The intensive program will run from July 8- August 6, 2017

It sounds intimidating. It looks intimidating. At times, it can, in reality, be intimidating. Come to think of it, sometimes our entire practice of yoga can appear to be intimidating. And yet, we continue.

I have been practicing yoga for more than 15 years and I’ve learned that consistent commitment, focus, and practice leads to profound understanding. Understanding of postures, understanding of mental and physical habits, understanding of strengths and weaknesses, and even brief understandings of the universe. Like, very brief. And probably just figments of my imagination. But immersing yourself in one thing for a solid period of time allows you to not only memorize or mentally understand, it allows you to EMBODY the teachings and practices set before you. 

My teaching style is fairly relaxed and interactive. However, under the facade of relaxation and ease, I AM a taskmaster — ask any of my previous trainees or workshop attendees and they will tell you that I never remember to take breaks, so you have to remind me. Or get up if you need to. My attitude is easy-going, but my underlying expectations are high in that you as the student take your education and practice seriously and are willing to dedicate yourself to learning and participating in all aspects of the training. What you put in is what you get out.

First and foremost, this training is about learning how to teach. My goal as a teacher training leader is to inspire critical thinking and smart, grounded, SAFE, and compassionate teaching. My goal is to open your mind to think outside of the confines of “textbook” cues and approaches so that you have the freedom to see and serve your students to your best capacity. My goal is to leave you feeling confident to teach a well-rounded, safe, and caring yoga class that comes from your own heart, mind, and intuition. 

As with all 200-hour programs, topics covered are many tips of many icebergs. It is my hope that with solid foundations of philosophy, meditation, pranayama, anatomy, sequencing, etc. you will be able to weave the ancient teachings of yoga into your 21st-century practice. It is my hope that the tips of the icebergs will inspire you to continue to learn well after this training is complete. 

If you are on the fence about this training, ask yourself why. Yes, it is a big commitment, but your passions fueled with education can lead to great things. 

Feel free to contact the studio at info@gowithityoga.com or myself at i.am.buddhacat@gmail.com for more information or apply now online


— Tiffany Combs

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