It’s that time of the year again:  time to sit down with ourselves and devise who we want to be in the year ahead. The making of a New Year’s resolution is such a hopeful act of creation. We look at our selves, our lives and our choices, and we decide the direction of growth we wish to take during the next 365 days or so. However, this wonderful, self-reflective practice is often tinged with negatives. We think of what we DON’T like about ourselves and build resolutions based on that. These negatives are what set us up for failure in many of our goals. This year, let’s think in a more positive fashion. Imagine for yourself the ideal YOU. It is about cultivating a healthy mind, body and soul.

Join me for a transformational class on New Year’s Day from 2pm-4pm. Class will include 2012 intention setting, a cleansing asana practice and more. Kick off your 2012 in a way that will change your perspective for a new year!



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