How to maintain Seasonal Health with Ayurveda by  Tori Lundock
Can you feel it? The seasons have started to change.  The official start of autumn is on the Equinox, September 22nd, but already there is a hint of coolness in the air especially at night.  The air has surrendered much of the humidity that made summer’s heat so intense.  All over our area, people are emerging from their air conditioned bubbles to participate in outdoor sports and activities.  It is truly a wonderful time.
The transition from summer into fall brings with it its own series of unique challenges.  With every new cold front, the instances of colds and flus rise.  Our allergies go crazy from the shifting temperatures and the grass and weed pollens of the late summer/early fall seasons.  With the kids back in school, suddenly schedules are more structured and busy and the roadways mirror this change creating stress and fatigue.
This brings to mind the question: What can a person do to take advantage of all the pleasures of the season while avoiding as many pitfall as possible? I will cover this in detail during my Seasonal Health Workshop at Flow Yoga. In it, participants will learn all about the Ayurvedic principles of the Doshas, these elemental aspects of the world.  In late summer and early fall we are at the juncture of two Doshas – Pitta (the principle of fire, water, and digestion) is slowly giving way to Vata (the principle of space, air, and movement).  This is a dynamic time, but problematic as well.  Learn to bank your inner fire to keep it burning for the cold months ahead while integrating and managing movement in an intelligent and healthy way.
There is always so much fun to be had as the seasons change.
Join me at Flow on October 20th to learn how to manage your life and body as the season of fall takes shape so that you truly maximize all the joys and opportunities of this wonderful time!
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