This April, Flow will host its first ever Sanskirt workshop. To lead this amazing weekend of language study, we welcome distinguished scholar and all-around yogi, Manorama. Her bio can be read here, but to get an insider’s perspective, we asked our own Sanskirt expert Billy Koch to share some of the insights he picked up while studying with her. Enjoy the post and we’ll see you all soon.

1. Given how much Sanskrit has influenced your yoga practice, can you walk us through how you were first introduced to Sanskrit and then to your Yoga Asana Practice.

I was first introduced to Sanskrit in a week-long workshop at Omega Institute with Manorama.  It just happened.  At the time I was searching for a language that could express, harness or enhance the energy I felt moving through me.  One day I came across a week long Sanskrit immersion workshop thumbing through an Omega catalogue and without much more than a gut feeling and the thought , “That looks cool”, I signed up.  My first Asana practice happened on the second day of that week-long immersion in response to needing a practice to keep my body healthy, and preferably a practice that was in alignment and integrated the study of yoga.

 2. How can one influence the other?

Sanskrit and Asana are both a practice and study of how energy is expressed as it moves through form. Through observing the movements of these expressions we begin to feel something.

3. For people new to Sanskrit, can you offer any advice on how to approach a class on it? 

I am excited for those who are new to Sanskrit and interested enough to want to approach studying it.  I would respectfully offer an open heart and open mind with the courage and willingness to look honestly at one’s self.

 4. In terms of your own learnings in Sanskirt, what’s next? Are there some new goals that you’re working towards?

My learning of Sanskrit is maybe only in its infancy.  My only goals are to continue to engage my practice and studies with slow and steady diligence and to stay awake to the feeling of the moment.

5. In what ways does Sanskrit guide and influence your own classes?

Sanskrit is a language which requires time, attention, and study to understand.  But more importantly than learning a language, it has for me become a study of myself in the process of learning a language.  This yields various insights into the nature of my own personality and mind, how I respond to things, where I get stuck with things etc…  We all are unique individuals with our own personal processes of learning, understanding, and practice and Sanskrit has been a big window for me through which to observe the relationships between things.  For me, the study of Sanskrit has done a great deal to shape my logic and guide me closer to feeling the energy that underlies the situation of the moment.

6. Flow Yoga is excited to welcome Manorama. What makes her teaching so special?

As I mentioned, I was first introduced to Manorama at Omega in a week long Sanskrit immersion.  How I found her or why I chose that week of her teaching is by the mystery of good fortune in the world.  What makes Manorama’s teachings so special is my own personal experience of self understanding.  I find that I can relate to the style of her teaching and it speaks to me in a way that I can use directly to begin to recognize and remove the things in my life that are obstacles to my growth.  Through the teachings she holds a certain space and makes available guidance in which I can openly explore my nature with reverence, compassion, and humor.  Above all, I have a feeling, and it is good.

 7. Can you give us just a little hint as to what her classes will be like?

 For this April 2013 I would guess her classes will be a journey into self exploration through the vibration of Sanskrit and story of the Bhagadva Gita.  An immersion in Self awareness through luminous sound. 

Thanks for spending the time with us.


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