By Rebecca Bliss Plenter

Thank you to our 25-Day Challenger Rebecca Bliss Plenter (second from left) for her contribution to the Flow Blog!

I signed up for the 25-day challenge with the idea of it being a birthday gift for myself.  I would devote this time to improve my strength, technique, flexibility, calmness, and balance.  As the challenge start date came closer, I felt quite nervous.  I thought to myself, “Am I physically capable of completing this endeavor?”  I knew that there was no turning back, for once I commit to something, I am determined to complete the task, or I would disappoint myself.

So the challenge began, and I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the process.  In order to fit the days into my schedule, I started attending classes that I normally would not have taken prior to this challenge, for example the 6 AM classes.  Now, I plan on participating in these classes in the future, for I loved the feeling of stretching during the sunrise.  It was the perfect start to my day. My husband was very supportive and got our son ready for school these mornings.

One of my goals in life is to keep as physically fit as possible to keep up with my almost eleven-year-old son.  I am an avid golfer, and I enjoy tennis as well.  My golf and tennis game greatly improved this month, thanks to my increased strength and flexibility.  This month really proved to me that I am now a lifetime yoga student, for, as I grow older, I feel that this practice provides wonderful continual rehabilitative care for the body and soul.

I could not have completed this challenge without the fantastic support of the gifted Flow Yoga teachers and my fellow students.  Every class that I participated in, I was greeted with a smile and words of encouragement.  I am already looking forward to the next challenge!

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