It’s National Oatmeal Month so we thought we’d share our favorite recipe!

No matter what form it takes, oats are a superfood whose health-promoting powers are truly impressive. Plus they’re delicious and great fuel for your morning yoga practice.

Megan asked her dad, Vince Griffith, to share his famous, no-fat-added granola recipe with the Flow Yoga community. Many a morning, the entire Griffith family has been welcomed into the kitchen by this incredibly satisfying and healthy treat.  Take it away, Mr. G!

I wanted my granola to be enjoyed, but did not want excessive oil, salt or sugar. This is the one that many people have enjoyed, and it could be added to in so many ways. I use Costco products as they are of the highest quality and very cost effective.

4  cups of old fashioned oats…..NOT INSTANT!

1  tsp cinnamon

zest of an orange… this really is best, but orange extract can be a substitute

1 cup of pecans chopped, not minced

5 or 6 oz honey

1 tsp vanilla

Thence: In a bowl

add oats

add cinnamon, and stir

add zest, and stir

Add pecans…the reason I delay this is to distribute the cinnamon and zest and not have them collect in the crevices of the pecans

At this point I have the honey and vanilla in a pyrex 2-cup, and use a whisk to mix them. Add the honey mix to the oats, and spend a bit of time mixing them so that they are incorporated. I use the spoonula Rubbermaid makes. It will be a glutinous mix. Spoon it into a 10×14 pan with sides, as you will stir it/flip it in a while.

I have settled on a 250-degree oven, and checking after 30 minutes. When checking you are looking to see whether it is overcooking on the edges. If it is, then use a spatula and move the edges towards the center and continue cooking until everything is approximately the same color. You want it to be golden or darker, but not burnt. 40 to 45 minutes seems a suitable cooking time to most of us.

I have tried substituting maple syrup for some of the honey, and it has a demonstrable effect, in that it doubles the price, but not the flavor! But you could try it. I’ll often double this recipe because it keeps and takes so long to make.

After you try it out, all of the amounts may be changed, but reducing the honey would be a mistake as it adds the perfect amount of flavor. (Once you add fruit, you would not want it sweeter.)  We put different additions out and let people add what appeals to them. We highly recommend Costco’s dried cherries. This great granola recipe can be eaten as is, or with yogurt, or milk but hurry, hurry, hurry, as crisp is best.


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