The Tree of Yoga

Yoga Ethics and philosophy based class themeing (open to the public) *Prework required, anyone pre-registering will need to read the Gita and answer questions prior to class participation.

During this weekend immersion – students will be asked to look at modern day life yoga and how we are applying the historical texts that govern the yoga practice today. As yoga teachers, how are we ethically following the
guiding principles of Yama’s and Niyama’s and how are we all applying the teachings of the Gita and the battle within as it pertains to social media, conducting ourselves in the community as well as how we leverage the
“universal” language of yoga in a way that is non-harming or non-stealing of other’s work.

We will work through many exercises, practice yoga and challenge ourselves and each other to step into a new phase of leading.

Non-contact study will include:
– Reading the Gita and answering questions
– interviewing studio owners/yoga business owners and writing a paper on your findings

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