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Our team that makes the studio such a fabulous place to practice yoga.

Jamie Markle

Front Office Manager

We all have a story about how we found our favorite yoga studio – for me it was years ago when I moved to Virginia from California. I was not only looking for a place to practice, but I was looking for a place to belong. Flow became this place for me, and then it transitioned into the place where I became a yoga teacher, and the passion for teaching so many amazing flowgis captivated my heart. It is with great excitement and enthusiasm that my journey with Flow continues into being it’s Front Office Manager. I am thrilled that this role allows me to continue being a part of our amazing yoga community, to continue holding sacred space, and to support two wonderful studios where you can evolve your practice. I want Flow to make you feel like you belong as much as it did for me, and I look forward to interacting with you on and off the mat!

I’m so grateful for embarking on this new adventure as Flow’s Community Manager. Flow is my home. I began practicing at Flow 13 years ago when it was Downtown Yoga. I started my RYT200 at Flow 11 years ago. I have been teaching at Flow as a regular teacher for more than 6 years. Now I start a whole new chapter. I’m so ready to create magic as part of the management team. What’s so special about Flow is the inclusive-ness and the sense of family. We want our students to thrive. We want to give back to our community. Our mission is to spread peace, love and light. I’m over the moon excited for this opportunity to share our positive vibes with the rest of the local area and beyond!

Susan Greene

Community Manager

Amy Hope-Gentry

Back Office Manager

I think back to the first time I came to practice at the studio. I remember walking up the stairs in Leesburg and just ‘knowing’ I was supposed to be there. The energy of the space was so profound that it just felt right be a part of it.
Now, I help out with the ‘behind the scenes’ action items. It’s really interesting to see how my time at Flow has transitioned. First, I was a student, then front desk support, then a participant in teacher training, then a teacher AND assistant manager…and now a back-end resource! I guess I am meant to be a part of Flow and Flow is a part of me.

This year, Megan will celebrate her 15th year as the owner of Flow Yoga. Seeing this amazing, thriving community that she has helped to create fills her with an incredible sense of pride, excitement and happiness. The practice of yoga has been a huge passion that she always wants to share with everyone around her.
She is grateful for all of the incredibly talented teachers who share their bright light at the studio and for the wonderful 40+ support team who help to make the studios such fabulous places to practice yoga. Additionally, she is infinitely appreciative of all the Flow students whose energy and presence make Flow a very special place to cultivate increased happiness and good health.
Megan loves to practice and teach yoga as a means to help transform her own life and others – mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. Her studies have spanned the globe with talented and inspiring teachers, including the late Sri K Pattabhi Jois (Ashtanga Yoga); Rodney Yee (Iyengar Yoga); Bikram Choudhury (Bikram Yoga); and Doug Keller (Anusara Yoga). She has also completed teacher trainings with Baron Baptiste, Shiva Rea, Kimberly Wilson, and Tim Miller.
She believes that yoga is one of the most powerful ways that a person can nurture the following characteristics in their being: a strong and supple body; an open and joyful heart; a peaceful and focused mind; and a deep level of restfulness paired with a heightened sense of vitality and well-being.

Megan (Griffith) Cartier


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