Did you know that many people have already given up on their resolutions for this year? I heard (from  a totally unreliable source) that by January 10th of any given year, most New Year’s Resolutions have been broken.  Now, many people I’m sure break a resolution, feel a little guilty and then try again the next day – but for others, this just confirms and reinforces cycles of defeatism and despair.  Let’s break the cycle this year – on Monday, when we were swearing in a President and again celebrating the hope that something new might just be possible. Let’s set an intention instead of a resolution.  Intentions are about recognizing the power within us to feel the way we want to feel all the time.  Losing weight and making more money (two common resolutions) aren’t actually about what they claim to be on the surface – those thoughts arise from an inner need to feel worthiness and love and for security and power.  We have those capabilities within us, no matter our weight or income.
Intentions are no more or less than our inner motivations.  They are our states of being and authentic desires.  YOU CANNOT FAIL WITH AN INTENTION.  They are our core beliefs and at the very base of our souls.  It is only about finding our innate connection to this wellspring of bliss – the pathways are there always, like a road through the forest – and then venturing forth with practices that support us.
Life is about having fun, experimenting, making mistakes, and through these mistakes finding the wisdom that is the foundation of true success and happiness.  There are no failures, just information about what works for our inner life and what does not work.  Life will manifest for you, for us all, when we learn to live from what is authentic within us.  Our intentions are the gateway to learning to live as we are, from abundance, from love, and from peace.
Blessings to you as you impart on this journey of self knowledge and inner peace.  You can not fail, you can only grow.  May you find bliss in your life – now and always.
Written by Tori Lundock
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