Written by Laurie Bosserman

Many of us know our lives need detoxing from processed foods and harsh metals, but fewer acknowledge the need to detox from more subtle toxins like envy and anger. It may be difficult to tell if your life is calling for a negativity detox, or it may be painfully obvious. Our minds, our culture, and often our world are obsessed with negativity: we love to complain, watch violent television shows, and think poorly about ourselves. We have a way of establishing unconscious belief/action patterns that fuel a cycle of abuse. These patterns are the target of a negativity detox in which gratitude and happiness are the detoxifiers that create a new, positive pattern.

To make this kind of change requires daily practice, just like any other kind of lifestyle switch. If you are going to run a marathon you’ll run a bit each day, if you are going to live a life of positivity you’ll have to give thanks and radiate joy a bit each day. In the beginning you may need to use a few “gratitude guides” like the helpful app “Gratitude Journal” (http://happytapper.com/gratitude-journal) or a supportive book like “Attitudes of Gratitude” (http://books.google.com/books/about/Attitudes_of_Gratitude.html?id=fbvs-UwZ_vAC). But as you progress you will develop a new self-perpetuating cycle of positivity: the more grateful you are the more there is to be grateful for, the more there is to be grateful for the more joy you feel, the more joy you feel the more you are called to give thanks.

The beauty of changing your life in this way is that it’s so easy. You have all the tools you need to transform your life within yourself, available for use at any time. There are no trips to Whole Foods or expensive classes, just concentration and commitment to your own positivity. Call on yourself today to intentionally feed all that is good inside you, and see what outcome you create.


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