Mirror Mirror on my MAT? It’s not a new idea, and I bet you’ve heard it 1000 times – your mat is a mirror. On it, you get to watch yourself  react as you move through your practice. But isn’t my mat black? Or is it pink? So how can this be?

As we move into a new year, and a new “age” (seeing as the Mayan’s had it all wrong ;)) one of the things I hope we can start to do is take more responsibility for how we feel instead of looking to someone else to either celebrate or BLAME for how we feel.

Again, this idea isn’t new either. But the two MUST go together.

Recently, over the holidays, I decided to go on some yoga adventures. I took classes with new teachers and practiced at studios I had never been to before. The idea was to get out of my own world, and practice with people who had no idea who I was – to just be on my own mirror for 75 or 90 minutes. 10 years ago, this would have been a horrible idea to me. I was happy with the one teacher I knew and adored. The corner of the room that I practiced in, the nicely heated 85+ degree room I enjoyed and the sequence of poses I KNEW were coming at me. That was it for me.

How far I’ve come. How did this happen? Why wasn’t I scared to go and try something new, in a new place, with a new teacher, new ideas and new – well, EVERYTHING?  It’s because what I’ve learned about Yoga over the past several years of my life is that it really has nothing to do with the teacher at all. Yes, some are more seasoned than others. Yes, some can weave a tapestry of lovely words that can make you laugh, cry or just feel good inside. Others even put together the most MIND blowing sequence – it’s crazy!  But Teachers are guides. Well trained, studied guides. We have magnificent ones here at Flow Yoga.

Through my little journey – my “Big Yoga Adventure” here is what I learned.

1 – Yoga is a common language. It’s going to be rare that you go to a new teacher, a new studio  and hear a new idea. Expressed in a different way – yes, but for the most – it’s the same

2 – Yoga is yoga – period. Nothing fancy has to happen. No big dance, no rock star entrance, just simple, humble yoga.

3 – Simple is better (and I don’t mean easy poses!)

4 – Simple is complicated!  (and I don’t mean complicated poses!)

5 – My experience in each of these classes was all up to me and what I decided to make of it – W O W!

When you walk into a yoga room EXPECTING the teacher to do something for you – you will be let down every time. But when you walk into the room, unroll your mat, look into the mirror and realize that what is about to happen only has to do with you and how YOU react – then the true magic begins.

For this New Year, find a NEW YOU on your mat. Let go of expectations, take a little yoga adventure  – BE WOW’D! – try a teacher a class, a pose a place in the room you’ve never experienced before and enjoy the ride. Cuz baby – when you let go – that’s when it get’s really good!



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