Secret Superpower: being able to pull things out of people they never knew they were able to do; Best Advice: Slow down and let go.;Worst Advice: “Hold your tongue”…how is speaking your truth ever a bad thing????; Favorite Moment in a Yoga Class: when someone gets a posture for the first time and their face lights up like a 2 year old with the excitement of it!


Secret Super Power — Finding happiness in the things I must get done or cannot change. Dancing in the kitchen while cooking dinner and doing the dishes, practicing headstand in my office or just full on belly laughing with my family when the going gets tough.;Best Advice Ever: “You might try yoga…” –Brent Powell April 2008;Worst Advice “Selling real estate will be easy…” Name withheld to protect the innocent :); Favorite moment in yoga: Trying to get into a pose I have been practicing and practicing and my teacher gives one little cue and then the aha moment comes and the pose just happens.


Secret superpower: Keeping my superpowers secret…;Best advice I’ve ever gotten: “Take deep slow breaths”- my father told me this even before I was able to remember.;Worst advice: None.;Favorite moment in a yoga class: When time and thought stops… and there you Are, just being in the moment.

Kelly Armstrong:

Secret Super Power: Voice “Bending” —I am able to mimic singing styles, character voices and sounds. Some examples of character voices and sounds are: “Roz” from Monsters, Inc.; “Gizmo” from Gremlins; and the “Predator” noise from Predator. I have professionally sung country, gospel and Musical Theater styled vocals.; Best Advice: “You can choose to ‘have Arthritis’ or to let the ‘Arthritis have you’….If you don’t want arthritis to keep you down, then get off your a$$ and do something about it! Your choice……”. 1988 – Bill Lane (Advice given to me at age 16 by my AMAZING father on the day I was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis and told I would probably be in a wheelchair by age 25); Worst Advice: “Sure! Your thick, naturally wavy hair would look amazing with this mullet haircut….and we should perm the back!” (It was the 80’s!!!!); Favorite Moment in a Yoga Class: The moment the Instructor directs the class into Savasana! In that moment, my body and mind completely relax and I can’t help but smile. Results don’t matter, tomorrow doesn’t matter…..everything moves to the background as I completely succumb to stillness.


Best advice you’ve ever gotten: Be present…when you live in the present moment, the mind can not be worried or anxious about the future because you are not thinking about what does not exist.Worst advice: Don’t bother trying…you won’t succeed.Favorite moment in a yoga class: When I am so deeply focused inward that the whole world fades away along with my fears and anxiety…and I feel a deeper connection with the Lord.; Favorite Quote: “You must be the change you wish to see in the world” Mahatma Gandhi


Secret super power: I can read people’s energies…if they are having a bad day or are upset, I know before they even say a word. I can’t tell you how many times a friend or coworker has said “How did you know…?!” Maybe I’m psychic 😉 Probably not but I definitely can tap into that emotional space. I enjoy listening to people and helping them talk thru/solve their issues.Best advice you’ve ever gotten: “Just breathe…everything else will fall into place”Worst advice: “Following your heart isn’t always a good thing” It might not always give you the results you desired but being true to yourself is NEVER a bad thing. Everything happens for a reason.;Favorite moment in a yoga class: The moment I settle into an asana I have been working on and I realize how much farther I can dive into the pose. I love seeing my progression one movement, one breath, one drop of sweat at a time. The journey on my mat brings joy and satisfaction to my journey OFF the mat 🙂


Secret Super Power: I like to bring people together. I often plan things for family, friends, neighbors, and moms to do together. I enjoy making connections with people, but also helping people make connections with each other. ;Best advice you’ve ever gotten: “You should sign up for teacher training with me at Flow. We could do it together,” August 2012- my friend and fellow Flow instructor Kelly Armstrong.; Worst advice: none!; Favorite moment in a yoga class: The beginning. I love to watch everyone transition from busy life outside to quiet, safe space in the room. So much of the time we are rushing somewhere (…even to yoga!). It’s wonderful to see the stress melt away as we begin to move and breathe.


Secret super power: Speed reading. 🙂 But on most days keeping up with frequently hungry bellies and piles of laundry can be like a super power!
Best advice you’ve ever gotten: “Be true to yourself and those that love you” – My Wise GrandfatherWorst advice: I suppose any highly opinionated unsolicited advice is the worst.Favorite moment in a yoga class: Admittedly, I often practice for one reason- Savasana. Those sacred moments of peace and integration within my body always leave me feeling prepared to step back into life where I left it.


Secret super power: It’s a secret 😉Best advice you’ve ever gotten: “What are you waiting for?”Worst advice: “Are you sure that’s what you want to do?” Favorite moment in a yoga class: The point when I want to throw in the towel, and that small yet powerful voice inside whispers “you are stronger than you think you are, take one more breath”


Secret super power: Super Ayurveda Girl! I am in love with the art and science of Ayurveda. I love integrating it into my own life in fun and surprising ways, and I love helping others integrate pieces of it into theirs (I’m not sure if this is a secret though ;))Best advice you’ve ever gotten: “You should really be yourself more when you teach – that person is awesome!” – Julia KalishWorst advice: “You should stay on and get your PhD.” I got as far as my MA and decided ENOUGH. I didn’t belong in that world, but I DO belong in this one 🙂Favorite moment in a yoga class: When everything starts to feel easy, no matter what shape I might be in – when the poses all feel steady because my breath is smooth and calm, my mind is focused, and my ego has quieted down. It doesn’t matter if I get into the pose suggested, I’m in the space of my practice and that is the only place in the world to me at that moment.


Secret super power: that i can remain calm under most circumstances – always seeing both sides. i hear that’s not normal nor easy to do 🙂
Best advice you’ve ever gotten: to live through the heart – a funny thing happens when you live from the heart, your natural gifts and inclinations have space to be expressed.Worst advice: ‘i wouldn’t eat that if i were you!’ turned out to be the best meal ever! and it reminds me to always encourage my kids to try new things!Favorite moment in a yoga class: when my growing baby bump prohibited me from folding deep into a forward fold. a humbling moment to be reminded that we all show up to our practice, on our mats in different shapes & sizes. wonderful reminder to be present in the moment and happy where you are.


Secret super power:  I can make a delicious smoothie out of any permutation of greens, fruit, and non-dairy liquids.Best advice you’ve ever gotten: “You’ll know when it’s time to leave, because you will have already left.” –Lesley Desaulniers, a dear teacher and inspiration, relaying advice she received from Joan Suval at the Ananda Ashram.;Worst advice: Nothing specific, but at various points in time I have been told something that amounts to “Don’t be who you are” or “Be afraid of who you are.” I’m still discovering who I am, and she’s a lot more fun than the person who was afraid to be who she was.; Favorite moment in a yoga class: When someone makes a breakthrough. It’s that little moment when someone has that silly grin that says– or when they outright say– “I’ve never done that before!” It’s this wow, look-what-i-can-do kid-like giddyness (I should know, I have been there!) Though, in my case, I’ve uttered “Holy sh&t I cannot believe I am doing this!” I even have it on tape.

Kelli A:

Secret super power: I can fly – the trick is to forget you’re falling.Best advice you’ve ever gotten: “You never know until you try.” Mom – always.; Worst advice: “Give up” – many have said this and I have chosen not to listen.Favorite moment in a yoga class: Those moments when I do keep trying and it works out in unexpected ways – a new pose, a slight shift, a deeper breath and voila, magic.



Secret super power: Through yoga, I have developed this crazy super power of being able to live in the present moment. Most of my past fears and anxieties stemmed from always looking back at decisions I should have made and forward at situations that don’t even exist yet.Best advice you’ve ever gotten: “don’t grow up… It’s a trap”Worst advice: I’ve thought about this for a while and realize that the best and worst advice have led me to here and now. The person I am is not just from all the great things people say, but also the hurtful things too.Favorite moment in a yoga class: I love it when a new pose is introduced. It challenges the mind to clear it of any judgements or doubts on whether or not I will be able to accomplish the full expression. And that’s when I am reminded most that the full expression is whatever is happening in that moment on that particular day.


Secret super power: I’m crazy good at math and puzzles.; Best advice you’ve ever gotten: “If you really want something, you’ll find a way to make it happen.”; Worst advice: Boys don’t like it when you’re better than them. (I didn’t want to know those boys anyways); Favorite moment in a yoga class: When I’m breathing and moving through poses and my mind is so quiet that I actually get lost in the breath and the only time that exists is that moment.


Secret super power: I have managed to keep a strong relationship with my 13 and 11 year old daughters – they still call me Mommy, tell people I am one of their best friends and want to snuggle – I think that’s a pretty HUGE super power now-a-days!; Best advice you’ve ever gotten:  “You should move to DC, there is this guy you need to meet….” My big sister 1995 about my husband of 14 years! AND — “You should sub this yoga class for me – you’d be a great teacher” 2003 – Megan Cartier; Worst advice: That short waisted girls shouldn’t wear bikini’s! (i beg to differ ;)); Favorite moment in a yoga class: When the sweat is pouring and the flow is strong and I can’t think of anything else that’s going on in my crazy brain except “breath in, breath out.”



Secret Super Power: I love to cook for family and friends and I am an avid reader!; Best Advice: The best advice I have ever received was to enter teacher training. After practicing for a year, the studio manager suggested that I sign up for teacher training with Maria Garre and Julia Kalish. I am so grateful for the people I have met on this path and I continue to be amazed by the lovely people who continue to be a part of this journey.; Worst Advice: The worst advice I have ever received I did not heed. I think once we get to a place in life where we know ourselves, we don’t feel like we “have” to act on anyone’s advice or opinion. We need to have the insight and inner courage to stand by what we believe. It is like being on a sailboat and finding the balance of the keel. The waves of life rock you to and fro, but the keel is always there to keep you balanced.; Favorite Moment in a Yoga Class: My favorite moment in a yoga class is when I see students in a state of bliss when they enter Savasana. No matter how many students I teach, I am always grateful that I had the privilege to share the practice! It is my joy and honor to be allowed to touch so many lives each and every day!

Turi Nevin-Turkel

Secret super power:  I have the splendid power to whip up a mean meal…We are talking fresh, local and seasonal fare that will nourish you to the core.  Ingredients from my garden are abundant in the summertime and fall, finding other goodies in the winter that have been frozen or canned. Oh yes and eggs from the “ladies” too.;Best advice you’ve ever gotten:  That I am divine and all that I seek is within me…;Worst advice: My son Chapin telling me we should spend all our money on new legos!; Favorite moment in a yoga class: The moment a student connects with true essence of Savasana…Beautiful, tranquil peace!

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