Screenshot 2014-02-27 09.26.08By Jay Clement

The idea of doing yoga everyday for a year was initially daunting. It took me a few days of looking online and seeing if other people had done this and documented it. Wrapping my head around this goal was the first step into approaching, and committing to, this seemingly magnanimous year-long challenge. By nature, I tend to gravitate towards doing things that people tell me I can’t (yes, I’m a last born), so the overall size of the project was enough for me to say ‘yes’.

When you enter a 365-day yoga commitment, you have no excuses for not stepping on the mat. Your life changes. Priorities change. Procrastination wanes. You must make time regardless. It’s a physical and mental investment in time that gives back in patience, focus and clarity, among many other things. I’m not looking to take classes that are 2 hours in length for 365 days. A little bit of yoga everyday is better than a lot of yoga only 1 or 2 days a week. I’m about 58 days in and most of my classes average about 50 minutes each. I go to the studio 2-3 days a week, and the rest is a home practice. Overall times started off shorter than this purposefully, mainly to develop an easy habit of actually completing a yoga session for the day. I imagine as I practice throughout the year, the average time will increase slightly.

Getting up early in the morning and practicing right away is a great feeling, and one that carries me throughout the day. The early morning practices give me a clearer mind, knowing that the practice for the day is complete. Some days practice happens later, like a late morning class, or a late afternoon class if my schedule is filled up in the morning. Those times can be tougher, with the “to do list” of yoga looming in the back of my mind.

After just a short time, the goal is about 10% complete, but there have been some initial revelations. Yoga is a tool to create physical results, to help train and focus the mind. The self-discipline that is fostered because of the goal, is the root that will take hold and be the seed to develop internal growth. Whether it’s Einstein’s quote that says “Genius is 1% talent, and 99% hard work”, or Pattabhi Jois saying, “Yoga is 99% practice, and 1% theory”, It’s evident that only a consistent practice will truly allow someone to tap into the potential that lies within, and experience self-actualization.

More Later 🙂


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