20150329_131904Patti Ragone is not only one of Flow’s best teachers; she’s also our new assistant manager. And even though we’ve only just welcomed her into the community, she’s already made a tremendous difference on so many levels.

So in this month’s interview, we’re going to see what she’s all about.

FB: We’ve read your amazing bio, but what’s your story? Where are you from and how do you find yourself here in Loudoun County?

PR: I am originally from Baltimore, Maryland. Yes, I am an Oriole and Ravens fan, some might even call me a Baltimoron. My husband, family and I moved here from Roanoke, Va, my husband’s hometown. We moved here because of his job. Leesburg is now home.

FB: Where did you learn your practice?

PR: I have studied with many great teachers over the years. I started off practicing Ashtanga, traveled into Iyengar and found a place in my heart for Vinyasa.

FB: Who or what would you say are some of your biggest role models as both a teacher and a manager?

20140507_094217PR: One of the biggest role models in my life as a teacher has been B.K.S. Iyengar. God rest his soul. He was a very humble soul and his spirit was gentle and accepting. Another important role model would be blessed Mother Theresa. Her acts of Karma towards others are amazing and inspiring. Her compassion was never-ending; her love of all mankind never fleeting.  One of the strongest managers I have ever had the pleasure of working is right here at Flow.  Marcia Hoffheins is so focused, dedicated and aware of our Community; it’s truly inspiring. She is a humble leader. (And no, she did not pay me for this shameless plug)

FB: As assistant manager, you’ve obviously got a lot of great ideas for Flow. Let’s hear a few.

PR: Flow is an ‘Om-azing’ community. The greatest idea I have is to find ways to open our doors wider and bring this amazing practice to the masses.

FB: What have been some of your high points along this journey to practicing and teaching yoga?

PR: It’s really pretty straightforward, and may not sound so big on the surface, but the highest point in my journey has been incorporating a daily yoga practice into my lifestyle. The ability to meditate and receive the simple gift of my breath has been priceless.

FB: We also hear you have a big family, who is at home with you?

20140507_093618PR: My wonderful husband and I have been together longer then we have been apart. We have seven amazing kids, total blessings. Our oldest is off on her own and enjoying life in Annapolis, Md. We only have six at home now. Our oldest will be 22 this month, our youngest is 6. I am going to suffer empty nest syndrome big time. (Well… maybe.)

FB: What do they think of yoga and do they ever practice at Flow? 

PR: Our kids really enjoy yoga. Our younger ones live for Acro Yoga while our older ones have settled nicely into a Vinyasa practice. All of them are addicted to inversions, they turn our world upside down sometimes even.

FB: How do you find a balance between being on the management side of Flow and being a teacher?

PR: Upekka, a.k.a. Balance in all things! “In order to be good at anything you must first find balance between breath and awareness,” a wise Yogi once said. Managing allows for structure in the unknown; teaching allows patience through guidance. Both serve to create a beautiful blend of balance.

FB: What are some of your aspirations as a teacher?

PR: All of my aspirations as a teacher stem from my love of the practice. I aspire to bring yoga to everyone, and truly believe that it can serve everyone.

FB: Are you a dog or a cat person? Any of either at home?

PR: Both! We have had our share, trust me! Currently we have two little cocker spaniels, a frog and a bearded dragon. Yes, I am a pushover for pets 😉

Thanks for catching up with us.

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