HiRes_MeganElliott-7Megan Elliot – Interview with a Flowgi

FB: Please tell us a little bit about your background. Are you from Loudoun? How long have you lived in the community and what’s your family life like?

No I am not from Loudoun but I find it very beautiful here, the seasons are so lovely.  I grew up outside of Philadelphia (which still has a piece of my heart) and have done quite a bit of travelling and living within the US.  I will have been here 2 years this September, so still a newbie.  I am the youngest of 3 girls and my one sister lives right here in Lansdowne, in fact teaching yoga at her training gym was what first brought me to N VA.  My mom is near the beach in Ocean City MD and not too far for a visit from me.

FB Do any of them take your classes?

No unfortunately they do not but I work on my mom to try different things whenever I see her.  She’s a good student.

FB: You have an extensive teaching background, what have been some of the biggest highlights along this journey and who were some of the most influential teachers for you?

Wow, good question. Experiences like farming, living off the grid, working with plants and plant medicine and participating in ceremony alongside Native Peoples have been very influential to my personal growth and self awareness.  I also spent some years travelling where I met and at times lived alongside homeless, the drug addicted and the nomadic populations in the US…that time broadened my perspective and opened my eyes to different realities.  When I came to yoga I was ready to find more of myself-to go deeper; learning how to do that on my own, with the help of yoga was a huge highlight-it has changed my life.  My most influential teachers have been…well there have been a lot, let’s just say I am influenced by Yoga teachers who think outside of the box and live their yoga, those who are always learning and then teaching what they have learned.  I have to say I love Shiva Rea I have never studied with her but I have been influenced by her rhythmic and sacred teachings and her dedication and knowledge of the art and science of yoga.  Kundalini yoga, Bo Forbes, Joseph LePage, Vipassana meditation, Kino MacGregor, Dylan Werner and so many more.

FB: How did you first get introduced to Flow?

Well over the years when I would come to visit my sister I would come to Flow to practice.  So I think that initial intro was through my sis.  But when I came here to live, I remembered Flow and I was needing a yoga community to connect in with.

FB: What should student expect when they take a class with you?

Hmmm..the unexpected.  Ha ha, I would say to expect a class that will take you deep into the experience of yourself.  I provide a solid foundation for fun, challenging unique flows that move mindfully, sweetly and at times independently, with reverence for the potential of personal growth, power and intuitive wisdom.

FB: We see in your bio that you’ve spent a lot of time at Kripalu. What’s it like there and how has it affected your methodology as a yoga instructor?

Yes that was my 7 year journey. Kripalu is one of, if not the largest yoga centers in the country.  Kripalu has its own in-house staff teams for guests to enjoy as well as brings in health and wellness speakers/teachers from all over the world to lead programs.  It began as an Ashram with it’s own style of yoga, Kripalu Yoga, and has continued to grow into what it is now…an ever evolving world leader in Yoga and Wellness.  To have lived and worked there was a gift.  I was constantly being exposed to yoga of all kinds, I taught classes to thousands of guests most of whom I never saw but once.  It was my home…literally and figuratively for 7 years and it was there where I began to study Yoga formally.  There are many different nuances that my time at Kripalu has given me as a teacher but I would say my biggest take away that has affected my teaching methodology would be that Yoga is an internal revolution, it is not for the feint of heart and my ultimate goal as a teacher is to show students the ways back in to themselves.  And also that we are loved and there is nothing we can do to remove that love….it is there waiting to be awakened to show us our inner potential.

FB: What are some of your favorite poses and why?

I like binds and closed chained postures because of my nature…I can be very spacy at times and they help to ground and nurture me.  Inversions and arm balances because they do not come easy to me and they challenge me and my ego.  If I push too much I get hurt or just frustrated, so they teach me to keep things in perspective and to have fun.

FB: What’s your favorite color

I have been really liking various shades of pink lately.

FB: Any pets?

Not at the moment-my life is still too unpredictable for pets but I love animals of all kinds.

FB: Thanks again for sitting down with us.

You are welcome. It’s an honor.

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