This is an installment of our Interview with a Flowgi series, in which we feature our many talented Flow Yoga team members in a Q&A format.

FLOW BLOG: Where are you from? What’s your family life like?

I am from Syktyvkar, the capital of the Komi Republic, Russia. I moved to the United States in 2006, after completely falling in love with this country while spending the summer of 2004 here. I helped my 2 younger sisters move here as well, and my parents visit us for extended periods of time. Since moving to the United States I married my husband (he is American) and we have 2 boys (a 4 year old Sebastian and a 3 months old Oliver) and 2 dogs.

FB: What is your background as a yoga teacher?

I started taking yoga classes in 2007 after my best friend dragged me to a studio in Washington DC. I had been dancing my whole life (semi-professionally) and have always been fascinated with movement. My first yoga teacher training was in 2010 and I have been teaching full time (15-20 classes per week) since.

Over the years I have trained in Vinyasa Flow, Prana Flow, Rocket yoga/Ashtanga, Aerial Yoga, Restorative and Yin yoga, Kids and Family Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Yoga Nidra and Meditation.  I appreciate taking/teaching classes with purpose and intention and my teaching style changed over the years because of all these trainings and experiences.

FB: What can students expect when they attend your class?

The students can expect to be guided through a strong purposeful sequence with suggestions of modifications appropriate for the students’ ability, level, interest, body proportions and anatomical structure.

The students are encouraged not to take themselves too seriously and listen to their bodies; they will be kindly and appropriately challenged and encouraged every step of the way.

FB: How were you first introduced to Flow? What are your impressions of the studios and our community?

I moved to Frederick County, MD from Bethesda MD in 2015. After settling in the new area I started looking up studios around me. I found Flow online and when I reached out to the managers of the studio, everyone was extremely welcoming. The studio in Leesburg is one of the most beautiful studios I have ever been to, very vibrant, organized and full of light. The Flow students are amazing! (laid back and relaxed but they like to work hard and be challenged at the same time.) I am always impressed how Flow students show up to their practice physically, mentally and spiritually and how much they want to learn and keep growing. It is a very strong community of beautiful yogis.

FB: Do you have a favorite yoga playlist?

Yes, you can find it on my Spotify account and it’s open to the public, it’s called “Breath”. I also like the  “Power of New Beginnings” playlist.

FB: Any pets?

Yes! I love animals, especially dogs! I have an 8 year oldgrumpy, French bulldog, named Bonny and a 6 year old, hyper, Boston terrier named Morgan. They were my first babies and they taught me how to be a mom way before I had my kids.


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