10922772_10153197620414269_460272636043390097_nThe Flow Blog welcomes one of our favorite mother-daughter tandems, Darcy and KC Whitsett. Both have been amazing members of our community for several years and we’re delighted with the ways in which they’ve made great contributions to the energy exchange team and as students.

So without further ado, here they are! 

   FB: Who got into yoga first? 

DW: Me, Darcy! I practiced in front of the TV in the early 80’s with “Lilias! Yoga and You”.  I loved it! I followed Lilias for a couple of years, then we moved and work changed, babies came along, we moved again, blah blah blah!  I was busy but missing something.  As the end of the year 2009 approached, I decided I would go to a yoga class in a studio on New Year’s Day 2010. The rest is history!

KCW: Yes, my mom did when she brought me to Flow when I was in high school.

FB: How do you stay connected with each other when you’re apart?

DW: We text!  I try to be aware of KC’s schedule and don’t over do it – but it’s always nice to hear KC’s ping!  I also write letters – yes, true!!  I send care packages all the time usually with some healthy snacks, teas, and the occasional “can you find my XXX and send it”?  At the end of one semester I knew KC was really busy and I didn’t think she would have time to grocery shop so I sent fresh vegetables!  Eggplant, carrots, sweet potato…  My packages are decorated on the outside with famous quotes, motivational quotes, and sometimes jokes.  I often wonder who is inspired as the package travels between me and KC.

KCW: I definitely miss my Mom a lot when I’m at school, but we always stay in touch. She’s really sweet and mails me letters, and I’ll call home.

FB: What inspires you most about the other person? 

DW: KC is kind and thoughtful.  She gives me great advice all the time.  I seriously believe she is an old soul that has been around before.

KCW: My mom is the most generous person that I know. She is completely selfless and constantly donating her time and energy to others. At any moment no matter what else is going on, she is willing to help a friend or someone in need. She inspires me to always act with kindness.

FB: What other activities do you pursue together?

DW: FOOD!!! New Recipe Thursday’s were a big hit at our house this summer. We love to be in the kitchen together.  We also love being outdoors and go bicycling, hiking, kayaking, and stand-up paddle boarding.

KCW: Very true! We love to cook together and try new recipes. While I’m home over breaks, we try to make a new recipe every week.

FB: What’s it like to take a yoga class with your mom/daughter? 

DW: I love every minute I’m with KC but when I’m on my mat it’s really all about me.  When we take class together KC is always helpful with my Energy Exchange duties and she’s much better with the Mind Body processes so I love to have her there with me. We like to discuss the theme of the class and how we interpret the teacher’s words or how they touched one of us.

KCW: Absolutely, I always enjoy going to class with my mom. Practice can inspire and energize us, or sometimes bring up suppressed thoughts or emotions. It’s nice to be able to talk with my mom about these things after taking class.

FB: How has KC or Darcy shaped your practice? 

KCW: My mom always encourages me to practice as much as I can, so her motivation has helped to make my practice stronger.

DW: KC is in teacher training (RYT 200) at W & M and has taken workshops at Flow so she keeps an eye on my form.

FB: How has yoga contributed to your relationship off of the mat?

KCW: I think that yoga makes us both more kind and compassionate, and we’re able to take that mentality back home with us.

DW: I have learned to look at everything differently, I don’t need to control anything, and I don’t have to know everything!  That’s very liberating.

FB: Do you ever feel competitive with each other on your mat?

KCW: Sometimes. My mom has a strong practice, so when I see her doing a tough arm balance or other pose, I’ll think, “if my mom can do that, and I’m only 21, then I have to do it!”

DW: HaHaHa!  I’m not nearly as flexible as KC, but I’m not nearly as young either!

FB: So Darcy, a small business owner yourself, what best practices do you bring from your business to your front desk role at Flow?

DW: I feel that so many tiny details are REALLY important – like making sure phone messages are picked up, plants watered, dusting the baseboards to keep the studio looking sparkling clean, etc. The little things can make a big difference.

FB: So KC, we hear from your Mom that you are teaching yoga while in school at William & Mary.  To whom are you teaching and how has the experience been for you?

KCW: I’m fortunate to be able to teach while I’m working through my 200 RYT training with a new yoga school called Shanti Garudasana. I teach to the students and staff at William & Mary through the Campus Recreation Center, and I recently started teaching private classes to the girls’ varsity lacrosse team and the girls’ field hockey team. It’s been a really great experience being able to share yoga with my community. A lot of people have never been exposed to yoga before, so I feel so grateful to be the one to introduce it to them.

FB:We were thrilled to welcome you back to Flow as an Energy Exchange participant over your winter break.  What contributed to your decision to share your precious time over break with us?

KCW: Whenever I come home, the first thing on my mind is getting to Flow! The studio, teachers, and students are all so welcoming that it feels like a second home. I wouldn’t feel complete if I didn’t take the time to practice at Flow. Also, since I’m going through a 200 RYT at school, I wanted to keep up my practice at home. The teachers at Flow are so knowledgeable, I learn so much just from taking a class. Being able to practice at Flow over my winter break really complimented my training back at school.

FB: Thanks again for bring us up to speed! 

KCW: Of course. It was our pleasure.

DW: We enjoyed the questions. This was fun. Thanks!

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