FB: Where are you from originally, where did you go to school and who is this sister of yours that introduced you to Flow Yoga?

CC: I grew up in Northern California in a town just south of San Francisco. In fact, I spent most of my life in the same house that my parents bought in 1987 and only just sold last July! It housed my parents, all 8 of their kids, and even a few extras from time to time. I moved to DC in August of 2006 to attend college at American University. My sister, Madeleine and her husband lived in Northern Virginia already so it made the west coast to east coast transition a lot easier. From the minute I arrived, Madeleine was my lifeline. She is a pilot, a yogi, a fantastic friend, and come to think of it, she has actually been a huge factor in a lot of my life changes. She introduced me to my husband and reintroduced me to health and fitness which includes my initial studio visit to Flow Yoga in Leesburg (way) back in January of 2011.

FB: We heard you are expecting a baby soon. Congratulations! How has this influenced your practice?

CC: Tough question with a two part answer! I used to CRAVE the heat! The more sweat that poured off my body, the better! Not to say that I don’t need the heat from time to time now, but I have found my body truly opens in the cooler practices. Slow Flow and Yin/Yang classes have been my favorite. Physically, my body, especially the hips, needs time in the postures to “marinate” and open up. My mind also needs to slow down these days. I look back at the last 5 and a half months and think “where has the time gone?” Life just keeps moving whether we are ready for it or not. With this huge life change coming our way, my sweet husband and I need to take a step back and enjoy what is happening NOW rather than worry about what life will be like in just a few short months.

FB: We always ask this one: heard any funny yoga stories lately?

CC:  No funny stories, just a silly joke:

Q: What did the ad say for the yoga studio searching for a new instructor?

A: “Inquire within.”

FB: In addition to your teacher training at Flow, are there any other new ideas, trips or classes that you are thinking about, or doing, in the effort to grow as a teacher?

CC: Yes! I had actually planned on starting my 500 hour certification this October, but plans will be put on hold for the time being since I’m due to have this baby in November. In the meantime, I bugged a particular teacher about leading a workshop geared toward assisting and adjusting which I just did a few months ago. It was so awesome to be in a classroom setting again learning from fellow teachers. It was great to get immediate feedback and begin to grow immediately from each assist I did. I also participated in a weekend training to learn to teach a very popular class, Hot Flow, which is taught at the Ashburn location. That was certainly an eye opening experience! It taught me to be more efficient in calling out postures in my flow 1, mixed, and flow 2 classes so students get an idea first of where we are headed and then I give the why after we get there. There is a great quotation I read recently and it goes something like this: Sometimes, the less we say, the more people remember.

FB: Playlists? Have any recommendations for new music?

CC: My top 5 right now are:

1. Live While We’re Young by Johnnyswim is great as you move through the flow of a warmup.

2. Spirit of Life by Blackmill (actually recommended by a student!) is awesome for some core motivation especially in Navasana, one of my favorite postures to mix into a class. It’s funny, I have a few students who will look at me with a huge grin on their face, knowing what is coming when they hear the beginning of this song.

3. California (Cast Iron Soul) by Jamestown Revival is also great for the beginning/middle of class as you keep going through the flow.

4. Watermark by Enya is perfect for winding down. I usually play this right before shavasana while the class is in an inversion or final floor postures.

5. Aad Guray by Deva Premal is probably my all time favorite shavasana song. It is gorgeous! Download it if you haven’t already. You will NOT regret it!

FB: What’s your favorite pose and why?

CC: Downward facing dog is my all-time favorite pose. I could live in this pose. It stretches the complete backside of the body which is where my body gave me the most trouble before I found a consistent yoga practice. Ask anyone who knew me before the last 3-4 years and they will tell you I complained about my back between my shoulder blades EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. After I found the rhythm of a solid yoga practice, it was my husband who pointed out that I had not complained about my back “in a while.” We realized that “in a while” meant about 3 months at that time.

FB: Walk us through a perfect class with you. How and what should we expect to feel?

CC: I want a student to come to class ready to be guided inward. All of the shapes they make come from them, not from me. Yes, I create a sequence that guides them to change shape in a particular way, but the experience is truly theirs. A perfect class with me allows a student to see the potential within themselves, not just on a physical level in their yoga practice, but also outside of those 4 walls. I truly want them to take a class and expect to feel the reality of who they are. Yes, I am standing on my soap box! I carry it with me everywhere J

FB. We read that you are football fan. Who is your favorite team and what is your prediction for them this season?

CC: The San Francisco 49ers will defeat the Seattle Seahawks in the NFC Championship and will go on to win the Super Bowl in February 2015.

FB: Thanks for taking the time out to speak with us.

CC: Thanks for having me!



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