photoBrenda Hilgartner is among Flow’s newest teachers and that’s why we’re sitting down here with her today. We want to know her story and what she’s all about. So without further adieu, here’s Brenda!

FB: Since Yoga Nidra is your specialty, could you please start us off by explaining what it with a little more detail?

Yoga nidra is a practice which guides the participant into a conscious deep sleep, where they begin a meditative self-inquiry, and where they can investigate and go beyond self-limiting beliefs. The goal is to allow access into our True-Self, where we realize that each moment in our lives, even if perceived as difficult, is perfect just as it is.

FB: Could you tell us a little more about its history and background?

It is from the Tantra Yoga tradition and can be traced back several millenia. More recently, it was reintroduced to the West by Swami Satyananda. I practice iRest, developed by Richard Miller, which, as he states, is a great tool to clear head space of “all that we are not so that we may realize what we truly are.”

FB: Heard any funny yoga stories lately?

Hmmmm. Yes, but unfortunately, they aren’t appropriate for print!

FB: More about you. Can you tell us where you grew up, where you went to school and what’s going on with you now?

I grew up mostly in Springfield, Virginia. I went to James Madison University, met my husband and became a Marine’s wife that moved around alot! We decided to settle in Virginia after his military service. I have 3 children, 2 who are married. I love being with them whenever we can. I love standup paddleboarding, but haven’t quite gotten to the stage of doing yoga on it yet. Someday!

FB: What’s a student going to feel and do in one of your typical classes?

I am pretty laid back and want to offer a practice that allows for each individual to take what they need, and leave what they don’t. I truly believe it is completely their practice, and they know what is best for themselves and their bodies! Hopefully they will laugh, at me or themselves! I think life is short, so we must LAUGH!!!

FB: How were you first introduced to Flow and what brought you back?

I took the teacher training at Flow in 2009. I loved the studio. I injured my back training for some events. They were so great in encouraging me to practice as I could, and not force anything. All of the instructors are very knowledgable and never tried to fix anything, but allowed me the space to go at my own pace. I keep coming back because they are awesome!!!

FB: What’s your favorite pose?

Easily Headstand. I LOVE IT!!!

FB: What are some of the ways you take time out to expand your practice i.e. any trips, new teaching programs or classes you’re thinking about doing?

WOW, I am always learning. I study martial arts, medical Qi Gong, and trauma sensitive yoga. I travel all over the US and abroad, and almost always take a yoga class wherever I am. It’s amazing to share this practice with people from all over and experience the feeling that we are all one. No matter where I am, I always feel at “home” when stepping on the mat.

Thanks for catching up with us.

My pleasure!

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