Screenshot 2015-11-02 21.26.13Amy Hope Gentry is not only one of Flow’s best teachers, she’s also a co-manager and where she gets all this energy is anyone’s guess. Her quest to harmonize body, mind, and spirit led her to begin her personal practice of yoga almost 10 years ago. Her passion is to share the positive effects yoga has had upon her life in hopes of continuing that positive effect among others. To learn more about her story, check out the latest edition of Interview With A Flowgi.

FB: How’s life?

AHG: Life is CRAZY! However, I wake up each day grateful for it all.

FB: Please give us a little more about your background. Are you originally from the Loudoun area?

AHG: I grew up in Fredericksburg, VA – lived in VA my entire life. We moved to Loudoun 16 years ago and will at this point probably stay 😉

FB: How did you originally come to your yoga practice?

AHG: I started yoga at a local gym where Tori was teaching. She offered one day that if I love yoga so much then I should try out a yoga studio. I then started my practice with Flow; almost 7 years ago now.

“I think the best thing for me as a teacher has been teaching yoga while pregnant.”

FB: What’s your journey been like as a teacher? 

Screenshot 2015-11-02 19.26.53AHG: Um, interesting question! I think the best thing for me as a teacher has been a yoga teacher while pregnant. It’s a very humbling experience when your body no longer does what you know it’s done in the past. I feel that’s made me a better person AND in turn, a better teacher.

FB: You also work in a management capacity at the studios, let’s hear a little about both sides of that story: what are the cooler aspects; what are the big challenges?

AHG: Yes – I help out with the ‘behind the scenes’ action items. It’s really interesting to see how my time at Flow has transitioned. First a student, then front desk support, then teacher training, then teacher AND assistant manager, to now a backend resource! I guess I am meant to be a part of Flow and Flow is a part of me.

FB: You’ve been a big part of Flow for so long, what are some of your first memories of practicing at the studio?

AHG: I remember walking up the stairs in Leesburg and just ‘knowing’ I was supposed to be there. The energy of the space was so profound that it just felt right be a part of it.

FB: What makes a great yoga playlist?

AHG: Ah – lol – rock & roll!? No, seriously! I have played it all and why not? Yoga is also a state of mind. So if you’re listening to something makes you happy, your practice will change. Trust me!

Screenshot 2015-11-02 19.27.20FB: Do you all have any pets?

AHG: We do! We have 2 golden retrievers; Rudy & Charlie. They’re half-brothers; 11 & 10. My fur babies 😉

FB: Do any members of your family attend class with you at Flow?

AHG: My husband & I use to have our ‘date night’ on Thursday’s – deep stretch with Billy. That all changed once our youngest was born and now we do home practice together.

FB: We hear you have quite the athletic family, what other sports are you all involved in?

AHG: My husband is a saint and coaches. He’s coached our son’s baseball & basketball and then has coached our daughter’s volleyball. When I’m not teaching yoga I’m in a gym or field practicing my yoga off the mat.

FB: What are your favorite go-to classes to attend on the schedule and why?

AHG: I like them all – if I could go to a class every day I would! Right now personal schedule is dictated for when I have time. Flow Express is probably my go to as it’s an hour of juicy awesomeness!


Thanks for catching up with us.


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