Tori Lundock has been an instructor at Flow Yoga since 2009 and is adored by both her students and fellow teachers. Like most Flowgis, she is always striving to enrich her practice, and bring new experiences to our community. At the moment, she is attending an intensive teacher training session at The Kripalu Center in Stockbridge, MA, and last year, she practiced and trekked through India with Flow teacher Kelli Audibert. Where does she get her drive, passion and energy? Read on to find out.

What’s your background as a teacher and how did you first get introduced to yoga?

I did my first 200-RYT teacher training in Gainsville Florida with Tzahi Moskovitz while I was in my mid 20’s. After college, I was looking for different ways to stay in shape and yoga was a perfect fit for me.  

Was there a particular moment when you first realized you wanted to start teaching?

For as long as I can remember, whenever I’ve learned something, some new skill… I’ve wanted to teach it. That’s the best way to explain it. I taught my little brother math, for example, when we were both kids. Yoga was like that for me. Once I started practicing, I instantly wanted to start teaching.

You recently studied in India, what was that like?

That trip was one of the hardest, but most rewarding things I’ve ever done. We hired trainers to get us in shape for the hiking and prepare us for the altitude challenges of the Himalayas, but still (laughs) I’ve never cried on a hike before and that’s exactly what happened. In terms of yoga, we practiced throughout the journey in the country where it all started. That was so exciting. We meditated, witnessed different ceremonies and practiced on top of a mountain. That felt like we were on top of the world! Our guides were amazing. Their goal was to help us work on the purpose behind the shapes on our mats. It was always about the body, slowing it down, going deeper. They would constantly be saying: “Slowly, slowly, you move too fast.” It was an immersive experience that inspired all of us.   

Who are some of the teachers that have inspired you most and why?

Love this question. I’ve learned from some great ones. Really, there are so many excellent people I’ve trained with. Andrea Lappa comes to mind because he is so linear. His way of organizing the material is great. His way of thinking about the practice is three-dimensional, like life, and he offers a very complete teaching experience. The instructors at Flow are also incredibly inspirational. Marcia, Billy, Kelli, everyone: they are the ones I probably learn from the most because I’m with them all the time and it’s such a nurturing community.

Your Power Of Intention class has developed quite a following, how did the idea evolve and what do you attribute its success to?

It started with Marcia sending out an email, asking if anyone was interested in a 3-hour, New Year’s Day class about intention setting, and I immediately signed on. A lot of the thinking is inspired by Dr. Wayne Dyer’s book The Power Of Intention. Frequently, when we set goals and make resolutions for the New Year, we’re coming from a negative place. We’re looking to change things about ourselves. For instance, we want to make more money. This class is about coming from a place of abundance – starting with a positive mindset. It’s less about change, and more about observing where we’re at right now. We’re working on intentions, not so much resolutions. We imagine how we want to feel and tap into that wellspring. We write a lot in class and come to realize the seeds are there in all of us as we concentrate on positive word associations to bring out the love, bliss and joy in life.

This year, I’m introducing a new concept to the class and it’s really exciting. In addition to meditating and taking the time for clear intention setting, we’ll use the 12 months of the year as our basic structure. They will guide us through 108 sun salutations to build up that fire, determination and zeal. We’ll take pauses throughout to write down thoughts, prayers, anything that comes to mind. We’re going to be asking questions. Where do you see your life growing and shifting in 2013? What are we hoping to create and achieve? And finally, as we move through the poses, we’ll remember to connect our thoughts with action by focusing on our bodies. It’s going to be so great!

Why is New Year’s Day such an opportune time to wipe the slate clean and start fresh with this class?

Well, oftentimes, we get through Christmas and the holidays, and there’s a little of that, “Okay, now what?” This class prepares us for the sort of hollowness that can sometimes follow the holidays. We’re envisioning and imagining the possibilities that can be created in 2013 and beyond. Also, we’ve just ended the winter solstice, and there is such a dark, introspective energy to this time of year. All of us are sort of incubating our ideas right now. There’s this power to start the process of creating things that will grow throughout the year as we begin returning to the light of spring.

Any big personal intentions for you this Year?

The biggest one is to share everything I’ve been learning throughout my time at Kripalu.

Thanks again for the amazing playlist that we posted here last fall. Where do you find such incredible music for your classes?

It’s funny, I used to stress so much about playlists and even once got some pretty tough criticism. Since then, I’m constantly on the lookout for what other teachers are playing in their classes. Also, I use the I-Tunes Genius bar, methodically. It’s such a cool program and I delve into it, constantly exploring, to discover all those amazing hidden gems that aren’t as well known. They can transform a class in the best, most unexpected way.

Great interview Tori, thanks for catching up with us.

My pleasure, thank you!   

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