My friends and I used to go to this place called the Royal Lee, a karaoke bar in Arlington, Virginia. One regular night with a full crowd, I had gone with two of my friends and we saw another friend there. We were drinking and mingling when a really hot girl looks our way, so I invite her to come over to our table and talk.

She brings up that she does yoga. So I say, “I do yoga! I’ve been doing yoga a long time.”

I don’t do yoga.

She starts talking about the poses she likes doing. My other friend at the bar actually did yoga. So, I go to my friend who does yoga and tell her I like this girl and that she does yoga and that I lied to her about doing yoga. So I’m like, “Tell me some moves that are harder because I’ve apparently been doing this for three years.” So she tells me about a bunch of poses and one of them is crow.

So, drunk and super confident Larry thinks that doesn’t sound too hard because I’ve been a skateboarder and a wrestler and have great balance. I was in pretty good shape. I was pretty strong. I go back to the table. I tell her how I can do crow. She tells me she can’t do crow and would love to see me do crow. I get on the dingy bar floor and my yoga friend is dying laughing because she knows I’m about to try to pull off crow.

I pull it off. The girl is amazed. We ended up at her place.

In the months following, I would listen to my friend talking about yoga and she suggested that I actually come and do yoga some time. Learning about yoga taught me about breathing. I would tell my friends about how it was the same as breathing to help weight lifting. I started looking up videos and got a mat and started doing it at home.

Yoga became part of my life and still is several years later.

I have a physical job and always have. I have always stretched every day. Stretching was never a workout though; it was just preparing for a workout. Now I can combine both. Yoga is an actual workout.

But I don’t do crow pose.

— Larry Zarobrinski

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