By Tom Cartier

Around these times, we’re reminded that all of this started above a Chinese restaurant, and we must give thanks for this incredible space we’re in, and the people who made it possible. Last thursday, as the bright morning sun rose into our crescent shaped window, filling the studio with warm light and blue sky, expert manager and ace instructor Marcia Hoffheins led an eager class through a much needed Turkey Day practice. We were all once again feeling blessed that Flow has evolved so much, and now offers some of the best yoga in all of Northern Virginia. After class, our beautiful studio was given an energy cleanse by a Flow student and we were thinking perhaps that’s where this growing buzz in the air is coming from. There are so many incredible new offerings coming up at Flow Yoga, and we can’t wait to share them all. We’re just completing a studio makeover; Free First Friday night yoga happens this week; we have cool new tee-shirts (that our own amazing students helped create); an all-day Open House, Saturday December 10th and, as always, the best yoga teachers around. As we always like to say, when life is good, it flows and that’s certainly happening right now. See you all soon.

Thanks, best regards and namaste!

The Flow Team

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