This September marks our eleventh anniversary in business and to commemorate the occasion we asked a few of our favorite flowgis to share their memories and thoughts about Flow Yoga. Specifically, we asked:

1. What is your first or fondest memory of Flow?

2. What’s kept you coming back?

We want to send out a special ‘thank you’ to everyone who participated. To accompany these kind words, we commissioned one of our favorite local photographers, Jeanette Burkle to show how she sees the two studios from a visual perspective and we’ve included them with some photos celebrating the last eleven years.



In 2013, Megan and Marcia celebrate Flow winning yoga studio of the year in Leesburg Today

“After living away for two years and practicing at many different studios, coming back to Flow really felt like coming home.  I had a personal heartfelt welcome back by the manager and knew I had been missed.  I have had a serious committed practice for over 20 years, even before there were studios.  I’ve practiced with DVDS, in gyms, in France, in schools, at home, on vacation, at yoga conferences…you name it.  Flow keeps me coming back.”

– Deb DeHaven


Hanging out in Ashburn, 2015



“Fondest memory: the Friday happy hour yoga sessions. We’d sometimes have 30+ (Megan may have to check me on the number) folks crammed into the space but the energy was incredible. It didn’t matter how tired you were from the work week, you left refreshed. We’d also get some first timers and it was always neat to interface with them after the class when we really did share happy hour!”


Our brand new lobby in Ashburn

“Keeps me coming back: the teachers and the sense of community. Each teacher has a different style which I love, and they all have the gift of helping their students enjoy the classes while getting everything they can from the practice. It’s evident that the studio focuses on “we” as a team, and not “I”. I also appreciate the involvement in the local community and charitable assistance provided. Again reinforces the term ‘community’.”

– Lisa Leggette



Teacher Training 2015

“How can I choose just one memory? This one stands out – teaching First Friday happy hour yoga in Leesburg to 60 people – in the room and spilling out into the hallways!  It was truly a yoga party!!

The community keeps me returning as a teacher.  I have met so many wonderful people.  While I may have taught them yoga, they taught me courage, compassion and grace.”

– Kellie Audibert


“Flow is the best.  The instructors are all wonderful, even when Patty is kicking your butt on Saturday mornings and Christina wants to do five more navasanas.  All in all there is no better place to be.  Happy 11th!”

– Debbie Carroll


“I started at Flow when it was still Downtown Yoga, situated over a Chinese restaurant in Leesburg. During my divorce in 2005, yoga was my main source of stress relief; Flow kept me sane.”

“I love the vibe at Flow – supportive, friendly and easy going. Flow doesn’t take itself too seriously, unlike some other yoga studios. Flow is accepting of all students and isn’t cliquey. The heated classroom and naturally bright space at the Ashburn studio are a bonus!”

                                                                                                                – Koren Barwis

4th Of July, 2008

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