Rachel Roberts Takes Yoga off the Mat and into Her Life

rachelinterfaith As a yogi begins to deepen their practice, the realization that the yoga practice is not only those precious minutes spent on the mat, but also the application of the lessons we learn in class to our daily life. We are all striving to live a life in balance; balance between work and play, family and friends, individuality and community, and the pursuit of this balance is truly living a yogic life.

Flowgi Rachel Roberts is a wonderful illustration of yogic life in action. In addition to a dedicatied yoga practice, Rachel has also spent the last several years of her life working to raise money and support for Loudoun Interfaith Relief (LIR), http://www.interfaithrelief.org/.

LIR’s mission is simple but critically important: feed the hungry by providing emergency food assistance to those in need to any person or family living.

We asked Rachel to tell us about her charitable work and her yoga and here is what we found out.

Flow: Tell us about your work with Loudoun Interfaith Relief. How did you get started?

rachelflowersRachel: Over 10 years ago I began volunteering at Loudoun Interfaith Relief. At that time I had stopped working to help take care of my aging mother. Every Monday morning I’m there from 10-1 packing groceries for our hungry community. Clients need only to prove Loudoun residency and are allowed to come two times a month and receive enough food for their family for three days. The food is donated by local churches, organizations, grocery stores, famers markets, bakeries and concerned people in our community. Cash donations are always very much needed to purchase milk and meat. Many people are aware of the need for food during the holidays, however, the need is especially great during the summer months when children are out of school and not receiving free breakfast and

Flow: You were also able to bring your love of gardening into your charity work, how did that come

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” ~Maya Angelou

For many years I have had beautiful gardens. My very favorite flower is the zinnia. Other than their beautiful colors, they are flowers that love to be cut! The more you cut, the more will grow.  For several years I thought I would love to “trade” zinnias for a donation to LIR (Loudoun Interfaith Relief). I started saving mason jars and other vases with this intention. I often shared my flowers with friends and family. Everyone seemed to love them, so I thought others whom I didn’t know or have contact with would love them too! So, one day I put a card table at the end of my driveway with a festive table cloth and beautiful jars of flowers tied with bows, plus a small box for donations. The first day I collected $50 and thought there might be something to this.  My first summer, 2013, I raised over $2,500 to support LIR. Although I thought I could never do this again, last summer I collected over $6,000. The need is so great to feed our local community and I am so appreciative of this opportunity to share this information with you.

rachelflowers1Flow: Thank you Rachel, LIR is really a great cause. We are so glad you could share this information with the Flowgi Community. It is inspiring how you have incorporated giving back to the community

Now this wouldn’t be a Flowgi spotlight if we didn’t ask how yoga came into your life.

Rachel: My mother died and my youngest child left for college in the same month. Suddenly I had time for myself and wanted to fill a void in my life. One of my daughters thought I might like yoga, and history was made.

Flow: You have been a dedicated Flowgi for 5 years, what keeps you coming back to the studio?

Rachel: My favorite part of Flow is the availability of classes plus the great teachers. I tell my friendsthat every class is different depending on the given teacher, and all are great!

Flow: Thank you Rachel, we think you are pretty great too! Thank you so much for sharing so much of yourself with your fellow Flowgis, you have taught us a lot.   If you would like more information on Loudoun Interfaith Relief, check them out online,

http://www.interfaithrelief.org/ .

During the week of June 14 – 21 VA Yoga Week we will be collecting monetary donations as well as canned food. We will close out the week with a special class – Summer Solstice Celebration – 108 Sun Salutations with all proceeds going to LIR, Saturday, June 20th, 2 – 4 pm.

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