Hey Flowgis,

Check out these photos of the new studio as we build-out the space. We can’t wait to see you all at the Grand Opening in June!

Welcome to Flow! Here's the front desk area where Megan is standing. We can't wait to see you here 🙂

This is the hallway between reception and the smaller practice room. There's going to be tons of space for you to stretch out your body and your mind!







This is the 'small' practice room, but really, it's not so small, right? It gets tons of light, has high ceilings and was custom-designed to create more intimacy between our teachers and students. We'll use it for pre-natal, teacher training, yoga sculpt and restorative yoga, among many other classes.









THE BIG ROOM! That's Megan way down there doing dancer's pose. This will be our huge, new, hot practice room where we'll work up a good sweat doing Vinyasa Flow. It gets massive amounts of light and can reach temperatures of over 100 degrees!









The ladies bathroom. You'll be able to come to Flow and take a shower after your class. Yeah!












This is the lobby area. It's going to have cool benches and a beautiful waterfall fountain along this wall to help create a feeling of peace and tranquility.











This shot gives you a sense of the size of the space and the incredible light.





Namaste - Here's a parting shot of the small studio with Megan talking to our general contractor. We can't wait to welcome you at Flow Ashburn very soon!












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