When I was in teacher training my teacher would often say to the class “Don’t waste time.”  And she was right.  Minutes were precious.  We all had invested a lot of time and money into the program.  There was an enormous amount of information to cover each session and there just wasn’t  any time to waste.

When I was “sick” twice this year “don’t waste time” translated to “don’t waste energy.”  I needed to spend my energy doing the things I really needed and wanted to do and forget about the rest.  This often meant choosing between getting showered and dressed or making the bed.  Needless to say the bed did not get made very often!

These past two weeks I have been feeling incredibly tired.  I thought about how I was spending my time and energy and I realized that a lot of it was spent worrying.  Worrying about things in the past that I could not change and worrying about things that may or may not happen in the future.  It was exhausting and a waste of my time and energy.

I read something recently that said “Our suffering is largely due to our imagined connection to our past or to our future.   The breath, however, is a doorway to the present.  When we pay attention to our breathing we are consciously leaving an imagined world and entering the real.  We are fully present.”

So as I begin another busy week and I find myself worrying, I will take a deep breath in, a deep breath out  and remind myself “Don’t worry, be present.”


With Love,


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