When I think of whole-body wellness, I’m reminded of a phrase we yogis often hear when gently awakening from savasana — an invitation to take a big stretch, “fingertips to toe-tips.” I want to feel the sense of wellness coursing through my whole body just like that — over every inch, through every cell, into each molecule. A steady thrum of good vibrations that gives everyone I meet a sweet little buzz.

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When we attend deeply and mindfully to our overall wellness, we practice a truly healing version of self-care. And the more we do this — through physical activity, good nutrition, nurturing relationships and meaningful connection to community — the healthier we become. In this way, self-care truly does become health care, not only for our physical bodies, but also our relationships and spirituality.

That’s why I’m so excited to join my fellow Flowgis in celebration of September as a month of holistic wellness. All month long, Flow is hosting special events focused on six areas of wellness: physical, social, emotional, intellectual, spiritual and environmental. The entire community is invited to go on mindful walks, clean up local parks, meditate, journal and, most importantly, deeply connect to the mind, body and soul. There’s a card to track your participation, challenges to meet and prizes to win — the greatest being the beneficial effects of dedicating 30 days to improving your health and well-being.

We’re already a bit more than a week into September and change is definitely in the air — from summer to fall, heat to cool, light to dark. When we embrace these transitions, we help weave a web of loving kindness that vibrates through ourselves, our personal relationships and the communities we cherish. Put simply: When we take action to bring balance to our own lives — through yoga, meditation, volunteerism and heartfelt connection with others — the results certainly benefit us, but they also radiate further than anyone might imagine.

From fingertips to toe-tips to the furthest reaches of the universe — join me and your fellow Flowgis on a path to wellness and self-care.

— Samantha Bartram

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