Admittedly, it feels a bit odd and un-yoga-like to say “we’re the best”. After all, yoga, at its core, at least for us, is a spiritual practice. And spiritual practices don’t compete with each other. Each individual is attracted to a certain path because it feels good, feels right, is aligned with values, inspires, etc. We acknowledge and bow to each person’s path and decisions around which community feels best to them.

At the same time, we are proud of what we have created and continue to nurture at Flow in Leesburg and Ashburn. We know that everyone’s intentions on the team at Flow are guided by kindness and wanting to help others. If you are already part of our community, we thank you for being part of it and for all the goodness you bring with you. We all add our drops of sweat to the big pond of life and hopefully uplift and support each other along the way! That brings us to…

Reason 1

Like any service business, it’s the people that make the difference. Given that yoga is a practice that can greatly affect the body, mind and soul, the energy of our entire community makes a big difference in the overall experience.  In our humble opinion, Flow is filled with students, teachers, managers and front desk staff who generously share their good vibes with the people around them. So, we believe the No. 1 reason Flow stands out is the extraordinary people who make up our special community. We realize that the other awesome yoga studios in Loudoun County will probably also say that their community is what makes them the best too, and we understand!

Reason 2

We offer more classes than any other yoga studio in Loudoun County — 70 weekly classes to better accommodate your daily schedule.

Reason 3

We offer more variety of classes than any other studio. We can meet you where you are as we inhale and exhale together to help you feel happier and healthier. From beginners to advanced and even pre-natal — we’ve got a class for you. If you’re feeling energetic and strong today — our signature, heated vinyasa classes are here for you. If you’re feeling tired and wanting to restore your energy —  our Yin, Slow Flow and Restorative classes are here for you. Not super flexible? No worries — begin with a Basics class!

Reason 4

Our more experienced teachers teach teachers. We have more than 30 talented teachers with years and years of experience. Our 14-year-old Yoga Alliance teacher training program has more graduates teaching in Loudoun County than any other teacher training program in the area. We are proud of our 150+ graduates and get excited to see them sharing their yoga love out and about.

Reason 5

Location, location, location. Our locations in historic Leesburg (we love Market Station!) just off the W&OD trail and near Whole Foods (another love of ours!) in Ashburn offer convenience and easy options for “self-care” moments like: yoga plus coffee date; yoga plus walk with a friend; yoga plus organic groceries; yoga plus bike ride on the trail; yoga plus glass of red wine with a friend at Tuskies.  Here’s to living a happy, healthy life!

Reason 6

We hired a hot yoga studio consultant to help us design and invest in a state-of-the-art hot yoga studio like no other in Loudoun County. Our heating system pumps in fresh air from outside (not recycled from inside like many studios), filters it, heats it, humidifies it, and then pours it into the bright practice space. We have UV lights to zap bad stuff that may be circulating in the room (coming out of your pores and your breath — let’s hear it for cleansing the body from the inside out). Our flooring looks like wood, but it is not. Instead, it is a special flooring designed for hot yoga, with no nooks and crannies (like traditional hard wood floors) to trap sweat and all that comes with it; slightly cushioned, which is great for the joints, especially the knees; material that will not hold or absorb water, which reduces the risk of slippage; and a surface that is antimicrobial and antifungal. We even have a CO2 monitor in the practice room to help ensure that you are getting loads of freshly oxygenated air as you practice. 

Reason 7

Our community extends far beyond each student’s yoga mat. Every holiday season, including this one, we set up a “giving tree” filled with the wish lists of the low-income seniors living in subsidized housing at the nearby Madison House. Flow staff and students come together to give personalized gifts and a holiday meal to these residents just around the corner from our Leesburg location. We donate over a $1000 worth of new active apparel from our boutiques annually to women at the Loudoun Abused Women’s Shelter (LAWS) and also host a gently used clothing and gift card drive at our studios to benefit this important, non-profit organization. Throughout the year, we offer various classes for causes, from the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, to victims of the California wildfires and classes to benefit individual members of our community who may be going through challenging times. We partner with longtime Flowgi Rachel Roberts to sell her home-grown flower arrangements to raise money for Loudoun Hunger Relief. We host food drives periodically throughout the year and during the holiday season to help feed the hungry in our community. We celebrate the first day of school in Loudoun County with free yoga for everyone, especially parents beginning a new routine for a new school year. We’ve organized clean-ups of public spaces, like Raflo Park. In the spring, we participate in Virginia Yoga Week, offering daily free classes and collecting donations for a special cause. And since our early beginnings on Plaza Street, we’ve always participated in First Friday festivities by offering free yoga and even “Happy Hour Yoga.”

Reason 8

We’ve been voted No. 1 in the Loudoun Times-Mirror’s “Best of Loudoun” in the Yoga/Pilates Studio category since it was added to the list in 2013. So, that means a lot of folks in Loudoun County believe Flow Yoga is the best, whether it’s for these reasons or others. And for that, we’re grateful.


— Megan Cartier (pictured above, second from right, with friends at the Leesburg studio)


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