Thousands are expected to show up Sunday to celebrate yoga on the National Mall and kick off Metro DC Yoga Week. The mission is to to provide Washington DC area residents with an opportunity to try a yoga class for free or $5 at participating studios across the metro DC area. But there are far more reasons to go to Yoga on the Mall.

The annual Yoga on the Mall event is FREE and open to the public. All levels are welcome.
Link Up at the Lincoln: 10am-11am
Main class with MC YOGI: 11am-12pm

Here are the reasons I am going:

The first reason is to be one with my community; feeling the love and acceptance of so many like minded yogis, friends, and peers.

The second reason is to step out of my comfort zone of everyday practice at home or at Flow and to practice and breathe with so many fellow yogis; to challenge myself to embrace new surroundings and experiences that maybe at first are uncomfortable.

Third reason: I’m not sure if you experience the same feeling I get when coming into the city, but the energy is rejuvenating to one’s soul and it’s a must for me on a regular basis. For me, it’s to experience and soak in all the energy that the city and practicing with several hundred people has to offer. As soon as I cross that Route 66 bridge into D.C. I am overwhelmed with a rush of energy; something I often find myself craving.

Reason four: To do all of this — what  I love — right in front of the Lincoln Memorial in our nations capitol. Period. No more reason needed.

And reason five: MC YOGI will be there. If you’ve never heard of MC YOGI, then you’re probably new to yoga. And if you’re not new, then you have definitely listened to him in class without realizing it. MC YOGI is not only a yogi through and through, but he’s also an amazing musician, artist and teacher.

I’m pretty ecstatic about Sunday! I’m just hoping I’ll get to see some familiar faces!

Visit for more information.

Chris Riley

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